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About me
I am a "Heilpraktiker" licensed non-medical practitioner since 1997 and a Classical Homeopath. Since 2000 I work in my own practice in Kiel.
Before I´ve opened my practice I´ve studied 2 semesters Homoeopathy in Kiel, visited a private homoeopathy-school (vis-vitalis) for 2 years and worked as a Homoeopath in an indian Hospital for nearly a year. Of course I visit regular seminars. In the past I´ve listend to seminars of Anne Schadde, Nandita Shah, Rajan Sankaran, Vassilis Ghegas, Micha Norland, Georgos Vithoulkas und Paul Herscu.

The founder of classical Homeopathy was the german doctor, pharmacist and chemist Samuel Hahnemann more than 200 years ago. His experiment with the china-tree was maybe the key to his later work. He found out, that if you take a piece of something like china-bark you will develope symptoms.....and to cure these symptoms china-bark will help !
"Similia similibus currentur."
Now 200 years later the classical homoeopathy becomes a scientific method, cause 1000 of therapists wrote down there knowledge, statistics and experiences in a lot of books.

My practice
But since 200 years the main idea doesn´t change....it is realy necessary to write down the sense the feeling, what a person distinguish from another.
In that way the homoeopath will find the right remedie to bring back the patients dynamis his dynamic power.

Which disease can be treated?
‘We do not treat diseases, we treat individuals’ is a statement often used in homeopathy. This means that potentially every disease whether acute, chronically, psychosomatic is treatable.